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Storyteller at Heart

Kerrie Starbuck is a voracious reader of contemporary romance novels, but will read pretty much anything with a happy ending. She has been a member of the Romance Writer’s of Australia for over ten years, and hopes one day soon to see her name published on the cover of her own romance novel.

In the meantime, she writes… and writes… and writes…. under the strict supervision of her nosy Norwegian Forest cat.

Frequently asked questions

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What do you do when you’re not writing?

I try to wrangle a hubby, two kids, an incredibly chonky cat, a full-time job,

three volunteer roles and a To Be Read pile that rivals Mount Kosciuszko!


Any tips for emerging romance authors like yourself?

1) Read, read, read.

2) Write, write, write.

3) Get yourself a great critique group.

4) Join your local Romance Writers’ association.


How do I get in touch to send a publishing contract, vast amounts of money, or free skincare?

Head on over to my contacts page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Do you own Starbucks Coffee?

Sadly no… but if you’d like to read the interesting story of how

the (well-read) owners came up with the name, it’s on their website 🙂


What’s next?

Hopefully a contract! In the meantime, more writing,

more contests, and more submissions.

Cross your fingers for me!

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